The First Choice for Body Piercing in Northbridge

We founded xxxt with one mission: to bring creativity and artistic quality to the body piercing scene. Our shop is Vegan, Rainbow support and respectful of our planet. We are working with local artist or creator from oversea to feel a good vibe in the shop.  Desire a new piercing but not sure where? Stop by to talk with Lily, she is a senior body artist who is  passionate by body piercing. After travelling the world to improve, learn and sharing her passion for body piercing and cosmetic tattoo, Lily open Spiral Piercing but also her heart to help clients. Safety and Hygiene are our priority at the shop. Spiral Piercing Studio is a place where everyone is welcome to express themselves, here we don’t judge, we advice and we do everything to help you to achieve your piercing goal on the safety way.  — let us design your dreams.